Interview with the Kids

As we set out on our journey, I (Mel) decided to do a brief interview with each of the kids. I was not surprised at some of their answers and at others I was very surprised. I meant to get this up a few days ago, but better late than never. 🙂 This will be the first of many posts where you will get their perspective on our adventure. Enjoy!

On our way to Montana. It was fun pulling out the old car bingo cards from my childhood!

~What was the hardest part about getting ready to go and leaving?

Caleb (almost 12): Packing and getting our rooms ready. And choosing what we want to bring and save and get rid of was also hard.

Lydia (10): Packing cause there was so much stuff to put in the attic or get rid of things that might be important but we couldn’t bring on our trip. And saying goodbye to friends and family and Fluffy (our guinea pig).

Asher (7): I didn’t want to miss my friends and I didn’t want to leave.

Eva (5): That I thought that Fluffy is gonna die.


~What was the funnest part about getting ready to go and leaving?

C: Nothing!

L: Looking forward to going around the country.

A: Nothing!

E: That I was gonna get to swim in a pool!


~What are you most nervous about for his trip?

C: Dying or getting diseases or bad things that could happen to us.

L: That one of us is going to get big by a snake or drown or something like that. And that Fluffy’s gonna die.

A: That Fluffy’s gonna die.

E: That Fluffy is gonna die while we’re gone. (I’m sensing a theme here!)


~What are you most excited about for this trip?

C: Seeing Niagara Falls!

L: That we get to go around the country and that Bobby is my teacher. (Bobby is her nickname for me. Sometime a few years ago she started calling me Bobby instead of Mommy. Maybe she had a cold at the time and then liked it. 🙂 )

A: Meeting new friends.

E: That I’m going to swim in the swimming pools! (Can you tell she likes to swim?!)


~What do you want to learn about while traveling?

C: More history of America.

L: Animals in different habitats.

A: Wasps! (He currently has an obsession with bees and wasps. It started in first grade. Thanks Mrs. Pihl!)

E: I’m excited to learn how to read!


It’s going to be quite the adventure with these 4! ❤




5 thoughts on “Interview with the Kids”

  1. Hi Asher! I learned something about bees this summer. . . . . if you get stung by a bee don’t use tweezers to pull out the stinger. If you do it squeezes more bee venom into your system. Instead you are supposed to just use your fingernail to gently scrape it away or use a card like a credit card. How did I learn this? Experience! Yep, I got stung on the bottom of my foot by a bee and then insisted Mr. Pihl use tweezers to get the stinger out. I ended up having a reaction to the sting. I had a deep red, large welt by the sting site for about 5 days. It was super itchy and I had a hard time walking and sleeping. I’m fine now, whoo hoo! Hopefully you will never have to use this knowledge. Tuck it away though, just in case.
    Love, Mrs. Pihl

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    1. Hi Helena! We have a short term itinerary posted on the blog that only goes through the beginning of September. We’re taking it about a month at a time and seeing where we want to go. We’re not planning on going through California this trip as we can get there fairly easily any time. We want to spend more time in further locations. Thank you for your kind offer though! The next time we go through California I’ll let you know! ❤️


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