Monthly Report (Josh)

We began our journey on Aug. 1st and now it is Sept. 1st.  This could mean only one thing to a business owner who loves analyzing numbers (Josh): It is time for the monthly report!!!  This may not sound that exciting to any of you reading this, but I have been looking forward to this blog post for over a week now.  As a hobby of mine on this trip, I have been keeping track of all our expenses, gasoline uses, mileage, etc. on an excel spreadsheet.  The report below is a summary of my hobby.  I hope at least one or two people in the world might appreciate the fruits of my spreadsheets as much as I do.

Monthly Report for August 2018
General Summary:
States Visited: 8
(Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, S. Dekota,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan)
National Parks Visited: 9
(Glacier, Craters of the Moon, Yellowstone, Grand Teton,
Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Windcaves, Badlands,
Pictured Rocks)
Distance and Gasoline:
Miles travelled: 4,148 Miles
Gallons of gas used: 574 Gallons
Cost of gasoline: $1,839
Average cost per gallon: $3.06
Average miles per gallon: 7.2 MPG
Where we slept: # of nights:
National parks: 13
With friends or family: 4
Camp grounds (non-national parks): 9
Rest stops along the highway: 3
Walmart parking lots: 2
Food: $1,369
Gas: $1,839
Camping: $488
Eating out: $186
Attractions: $72
Laundry: $33
Propoane: $27
Parts: $58
Non-Catogorized: $761
Total Monthly Expenses: $4,833
Work outs (Josh) # of Miles:
Biking: 138
Jogging: 15

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