Red, White and Blue Fall Colors

Photo Oct 08, 5 57 41 PM

Ever since Mel got back from her conference on the 7th, life has been a whirlwind of colors and history.  Over the last week and a half we have driven through the multi colored hills of New Hampshire,

Visited the northern most beaches of Cape Cod,

Landed at Plymouth Rock,

2018-10-14 12.23.272018-10-14 12.35.152018-10-14 13.35.292018-10-14 14.35.589E4C95B0-04E0-4D97-A22A-8162450D41CE

Seen America’s Oldest Cemetery (1632),

2018-10-14 15.19.14

And spent 4 days in Boston, including:

Riding the Subway;

Walking The Boston “Freedom Trail”;

Standing on the site of the Boston Massacre;

2018-10-10 12.04.58

Wandering through Paul Revere’s House,

Touring the Boston Harbor, site of the Boston Tea Party;

Climbing the Bunker Hill Monument;

Soaking up the Views of Downtown;

Visiting Churches;

Riding the ducks at the Boston Public Gardens;

Marveling at historic buildings.

And oh so much more, we could write and share pictures all day long.  But as is the nature of our journey we must hurry along to our next destination.

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