While Daddy’s away, we go play!

Josh has been in California for a business trip (and some much needed alone time) for a few days now. So this is what the kids and I have been up to as we hang out in Florida, just north of Orlando.

We took a day trip to St. Augustine and stopped by Trader Joe’s on the way. The kids used their TJ gift cards they got from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas to stock up on snacks for the road trip. Unfortunately, due to the government shut down, we couldn’t see inside the old Spanish fort but we got to play around it. The kids still had a great time and we did still learn a few things.


We’ve checked out various book shops and went on a Starbucks date to use more Christmas gift cards.


Today, we decided to head to the LEGO store at Disney Springs (just like Downtown Disney for those familiar with Disneyland). It’s the closest we’ll get to touching Disneyworld on our trip. We had a lot of fun! The LEGO sculptures are impressive and the computer that “scans” your hand to tell you what LEGO character you are had us cracking up. Especially when Asher popped up as a ballerina! He laughed so hard he cried!

A bunny from Lydia’s LEGO Friends set had a bow piece break off and get stuck in the hole so you couldn’t put a new bow in. She brought it with her to the store and asked if they had another bunny. So, they gave her a bunny from one of the displays and put her bunny in the display. She thought that was so cool that her bunny is in the case at Disneyworld. If you happen to go there any time soon, you can stop by and see it!

We have new friends we met in our last campsite that have joined us at our current campsite so we’ll be hanging out with them the rest of our time while Josh is away. I’m also preparing for my Guatemala trip with World Vision. I leave 2 days after Josh rejoins us. I’ll share more  about that after I get back. In the meantime, you’ll just have to see what Josh and the kids will be up to while Mommy’s away!

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