Eva turns 6 years old

Today, February 2, the day Eva has been counting down to for over two weeks now- Her birthday.  And oh was today a celebration.  Eva started off the morning by letting everyone know that she was queen and that she had the right to control us and that we had to do as she said all day long.  Actually she had already started making plans weeks before as she had already instructed me what to cook her for breakfast and dinner two weeks in advance.  The breakfast menu: Grampy’s famous crepes and bacon.  Well apparently I wasn’t listening to her very closely two weeks ago since I only heard her say she wanted crepes for breakfast.  When I told her that, in fact, I did not buy any bacon- she was shocked that I had not remembered correctly.  The offence was short lived and she settled for salami and pepperoni instead of bacon.  I dodged a bullet.

IMG_0297Eva’s eating her crepe.  Notice the salami and pepperoni is already eaten.

After breakfast we played a family game of Settlers of Catan, per Eva’s request, and not to long after that it was lunch time and the kids ate left over baked potatoes.


Eva’s next command, I mean request, was to ride our bikes 2.5 miles one way to Walmart, where she could choose her birthday treat, birthday snack, and birthday dessert.


After the bike ride back, Grandma and Grandpa (Mel’s parents) called to wish Eva a happy birthday.  The conversation was short lived as Eva had already set her heart on watching a movie and eating her birthday snack.


Not long after the movie ended Eva was asking when dinner would be ready.  As I was cooking dinner Grammy and Grampy called (My parents) and sang happy birthday to Eva over the phone.

At last dinner was served.  Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, seasoned curly fries and fresh steamed green beans.  I even received a thumps up for excellence.


Of course no birthday is complete without a family round of “happy birthday.”



And, as if it was truly the moment all the kids had been waiting for all day- dessert.


As you  can see, the girl was truly treated like a queen today.  Her smile says it all.

Now I could easily stop here and I am very tempted to do so.  But it would not be honest for me to say that today was a perfect day and we lived happily ever after.  Eva was treated like a queen, Eva was the star of the show, Eva did get everything she ask for- with one exception- Mommy.

For 3 years now, Mel has been involved with international travels with World Vision.  This last week she has been in Guatemala (hopefully you got to see the blog she posted yesterday).  She was scheduled to arrive back in time to celebrate Eva’s birthday with us today, but due to scheduling conflicts with the team, her schedule was change after she had already committed to going on the trip.  It was a huge sacrifice for her to miss our families special celebration, but I believe the work she is doing to improve the lives of hundreds of families across the world (literally- Mel has personally been responsible for over 120 families across the world to live a better life) is worth it.

I must confess that as I was cooking dinner, organizing the celebration and helping clean up, I was exhausted and frustrated that my suitable helper was no where to be found.  But as I reflect in the darkness of the RV, typing this blog as the children are calmly asleep, I can’t help but believe that she is doing the right thing.

Mel I missed you today.  But it was worth missing you today so that you can continue to do the work that is so good for you to do.  Thank you for your courage and sacrifice.  We love you very much and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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