Rocky Mountain High

Despite the rapid exodus detailed in our previous blog post, we had an absolutely wonderful, beautiful, warm and sunny time in Colorado.  Staying at my Aunt Joanne and Uncle Raj’s house, we had the luxury of escaping the small confines of our motor home to spread out and take over the two bedroom, one bath downstairs of their house in Castle Rock, CO.  We spent 5 nights there, enjoying their company as they pampered us and spoiled our children.  Like some posts in the past, I believe this one will best be communicated under the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.   The pictures below, then, embody tens of thousands of words worth of descriptions:

Hiking as a family:

Photo Apr 06, 3 09 17 AM

Photo Apr 06, 3 36 45 AM

Garden of the Gods National Heritage Site:

Photo Apr 09, 1 33 37 PM

Hanging with the Family:

Photo Apr 07, 8 32 12 PM

Breakfast with the Family:

Natural Beauty:

Arts and Crafts:

Playing with Legos:

Speaking tens of thousands of words through pictures, it is clear to see the beauty, fun and quality family time we enjoyed during our week long trip to Colorado.  Thanks again, Aunt Joanne and Uncle Raj.  We were privileged to get to know you guys more and blessed by you two with your love, hospitality and  generosity.

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