Limited Access

One of the greatest joys of this trip (though sometimes a frustration) is limited access to internet and technology.  It gives us an easy excuse to ignore our phones and computers and focus on the REAL things in life.  Spending time with each other (we had a date night last night), our children, and being in nature always pay back greater dividends than staring mindlessly at a screen for hours on end.

Because of limited internet access this post will be short and to the point with no pictures.  I would love to display all the pictures of the last 3 or 4 locations we have visited since our last blog post, but I will be glad if I can even get this blog to post.

Since arriving in Arizona we have visited Mel’s family South of Phoenix, visited Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (I had never heard of this place before either), crossed over to Mexico, spent three nights at the Grand Canyon (maybe the best pictures of the trip so far) and just arrived at Zion National Park yesterday.

Here is a quick summary of our plans between now and the end of our trip:  Bryce National Park, Arches National Park, Four Corners, visiting family in Utah north of Salt Lake City, driving through the corner of NV, visiting family in Boise, ID and spending time with new friends in Deary, ID.

That’s it for now.  Short and sweet.  I hope that once we regain connection with the virtual world, I can share all the pictures and stories of our trip.  Until then, please take some time to live in the REAL world and spend extra time with your family, friends and in nature.

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