Happy Birthday, Lydia!!!

May 23 – Lydia’s birthday.  11 years old.  The last family member to have a birthday on this trip.  (All six of us had our birthday while we were on our trip).  Our tradition on this trip is to allow the birthday boy/girl to choose their favorite restaurant for the celebration of their special day.  At first, Lydia wanted to go to the Olive Garden- a family favorite.  But after spending a few days with the people from the Homestead in Montana, her plans quickly changed.  Thursday nights at the Homestead’s Big Timber Bakery are all you can eat pizza nights.  So instead of going to the Olive Garden, we got dairy free cheese for the kids and the bakery specially made pizzas for our children.

Photo May 22, 3 12 15 PM

Photo May 22, 3 19 55 PM

The members of the community even sang her a special birthday song as follows:

“A happy birthday to you, A happy birthday to you, May you feel Jesus near, Every day of the year, A happy birthday to you, A happy birthday to you, and the best year you ever had.”

Here is a picture of Lydia from earlier that morning after finishing a scavenger hunt in our motor home in order to find her birthday coupons.

Photo May 23, 9 09 29 AM

Lydia in front of the mountains in Montana.

Photo May 23, 11 35 47 AM

Lydia playing with friends on her birthday.

Photo May 23, 12 22 04 PM

After dinner we went back to our friend’s house for cake, presents and fun.

Photo May 23, 9 40 39 PM

As we were driving home for the evening, Lydia told us that it was one of the best birthdays she had ever had.

Photo May 23, 9 45 55 PM

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