More Adventure

After two full weeks at the Montana Homestead Ranch, we are reluctant to say good-bye as we continue on with our trip.  We have only two weeks left before we arrive back home.  The beauty of the land and the sweetness of the people at the Montana Homestead sung songs of peace and joy in our hearts and we eagerly await a time in the future we can visit again.

The community here in Montana is many times smaller than the community we first met in Texas (1,200 people in Texas compared to about 60 in Montana).  A smaller group makes for closer and quicker relationship ties to be developed and strengthened.  This relational growth seemed rapid, more than one might expect in two weeks.

As I thought about this I was reminded of summer camp.  Have any of you been on a week long summer camp as a child, maybe with a church group or boy scouts?  Before camp the kids you go to camp with are virtually strangers to you, and one week later you have created new best friends.  I remember going to summer camp several times as a child and this phenomenon seemed to happen to me every time.

This was the same experience we had in Montana.  Every night for the past two weeks straight we have shared a meal with one (or more) family(s) in the community.  Such sharing of life in such a short concentrated amount of time with a small group of individuals leads to a feeling we can’t forget.

Planting Corn on the Ranch:

Helping at the Chicken Farm:

New Born Puppies bred on the Ranch:

Herding Sheep:

Electrical Work on a New Homestead House:

Montana Sunset:

Photo Jun 03, 9 10 07 PM

Taking a Family Trip in the Mountains:

Playing in the Snow:

Fun and Games:

Damage and Repairs from a Montana Hail Storm:

Catching Unwanted Stowaways in our Motor Home:

Celebrating our Last Day of Home School with Cinnamon Rolls from the Bakery:

A Happy Family in Montana:

Photo May 30, 4 26 31 PM

On to Idaho, then home.  Oh so close to home.  We look forward to seeing everyone upon our return.



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