A Surprise Ending

At 5:45 pm on Wednesday, June 19th we pulled into our neighborhood after being gone for over 10 months.  Our close friends, the Thompson’s, stayed in contact with us throughout the day so that they could witness our arrival home.  As we pulled around the corner onto our street, moments away from being home again, we were overwhelmed by the surprise that awaited us.  Friends and families from our neighborhood, stood in expectant anticipation as we drove the last few feet to complete our journey.  We had made it to the end of our trip, and we were welcomed home by a parade of loving, smiling familiar faces.  Once again, words can not describe the sudden blossom of emotions that sprang forth from our hearts.  As the RV came to a stop, even before we could get out, the crowd of excited, caring admirers came rushing towards us with cheering and shouts of joy.


As we exited our motor home, tears of joy and amazement burst from within us and we hugged and embraced our friends.  Though we had always known that we were well loved back home, the unexpected surprise of the large gathering, cherishing our return, was more than our feelings could comprehend.  Few times in my life have I felt so honored and appreciated the way I did in that moment.  As we were very warmly greeted, we laughed, cried and began the process continuing our friendships once again.

Photo Jun 19, 5 39 45 PM

Photo Jun 19, 5 40 00 PM

It was the greatest welcoming party I had ever seen.  It was the perfect ending to our trip and a perfect transition to our new beginning.

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