Two weeks in Waco

When we are home in Washington it is always a goal of mine to invite friends over to our house for dinner as often as we are able.  Among busy schedules and conflicting commitments this goal always seems to be difficult to fulfill.  Yet every time we share a meal with friends, either friends we are just getting to know or friends we have known for many years, we always come away feeling joyful, connected and loved.  Cultivating bonds of relationships always seem to be a profitable investment for our souls.

Since we arrived at the Homestead community in Waco two weeks ago, we have been the recipients of many invitations to share a meal with new friends.  In fact, we have shared a dinner with seven different families, each in their own homes, over the past two weeks.  These meals have been food for both our bodies and for our hearts.

Many of the evenings we have not been invited over to someone’s house, we are involved in a public community gathering.  On Wednesday and Friday evenings, the community has regular group gatherings that we have been attending.  These meetings often also involve eating a meal together.

And, of course, we celebrated Asher’s birthday as a family on the 18th and also celebrated his birthday last weekend at a group birthday party.

During the day light hours, Mel and the kids have been faithfully working on their school work and doing gardening in the community.

Also, Mel and I just finished a two day class on gardening and growing your own food this weekend.

As for myself I have been spending my days working for a man in the community who owns a wood working shop.  I have been learning how to mill, plane, cut, sand, join and glue wood together to make doors and counter tops, among other things.

I was also able to used my electrical skills to help him hook up a new piece of equipment and we cut a giant log with it.

Next week I begin a six day class on the fundamentals of woodworking with hand tools and joinery.  I am very excited.

In summary, we are eating our fill of homemade food, learning new and useful skills, bonding with kind-hearted people, and feeling our souls nourished by this entire experience.  We remain excited for the days ahead; new things to learn, new people to meet, new adventures to explore.  Our love goes out to all our family and friends back home.  We love you all and are so thankful for your desire to see God’s best for our family.

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