Launch Day

August 1, 2018.  A day that will go down as a day of history in the Miller family.  It has been a long anticipated day.  Much planning, preparation and hard work has lead us to this day.  It has been a day full of excitement, tension, emotions, and many tears.  We left Shoreline, WA today at 4:15 pm to embark on an adventure around the country we believe will last for 10 month.  We traveled swiftly and directly to Leavenworth, WA where we plan to stay one night, before we travel to Spokane, WA tomorrow.  Our drive today was intentionally designed to be short for a total drive time of 2.5 hours.  We ate dinner at the 49er Diner in Leavenworth and arrived at our campsite with plenty of daylight to set up camp.  More tears were shed before the end of the evening.  Some well deserved rest is much needed.  As we laid the children down to bed I (Josh) told them how proud I was of them.  I told them what “big kids” they were and how I was excited to see how much they would grow up on this trip.  I watched their eyes grow big and smiles beam across their faces.  I could see that they were excited to grow up in a new way this year too.  I sat on the bed with them thinking to myself that this truly will be a year to remember.   I am grateful for my family and the opportunity given to me to share life with them this year in this way.  I am grateful to and thankful for everyone who is making this trip possible for us.  I hope that your year, too, is full of as much adventure and growth as ours.

2 thoughts on “Launch Day”

  1. Hello Miller Family! I’m so excited for you. What an adventure! You’ll see so many new and wonderful things and meet so many new and wonderful people. Asher, you make friends while out walking in the woods. Imagine all the new friends you will make on this trip! I’m sending you love and hugs. Give Stitch a big squeeze for me!
    Love, Mrs. Pihl


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