Interpreting Dreams

Though I (Josh) have never learned a second language, I have been told by those who have that a sudden phenomenon occurs after gaining some fluency in the language.  In fact, an article I read recently stated that those studying a foreign language almost always begin dreaming in the target language after some time of studying.  It is one of the signs that your mind is understanding the bilingual change.  It is as if the subconscious mind is giving its seal of approval for the change you are working toward in your life.

Last night, I (Josh) had a dream.  It was the first of its kind for me.  In the dream, I was driving my motor home through a large city.  Mel and the kids were inside.  As I drove, pedestrians stood talking in the middle of the road, paying no attention that I was coming on the very road they were standing on.  I was forced to slow down and wait.  Then, one of them noticed the large motorized house and began gesturing to the others to move along.  They all watched us as we drove by.  I was forced to make a difficult turn, just barely dodging obstacles on both sides of the RV.   The watching crowds of people began talking among themselves and I could hear them speaking.  They were in awe of how well I could drive such a massive machine through the tight turns of the city.  They commented on how great it must be to travel together as a family the way we were doing.  As we passed them by, I watched for parking spots that might be large enough for me to park in.  I looked at a map and tried to find the best route to drive through the narrow streets of the busy city.  Then I awoke.

Driving a motor home through the city may not be the same as learning another language.  But now, after embarking on this journey for over two months, my subconscious mind has begun including it in my dreams.  A sign that I am becoming fluent in driving a motor home through tight turns and parking in difficult spots?

The other day, I had a man stare wide eyed and mouth opened as I parallel-parked our RV in a small downtown touristy city.  Just a few days ago, I drove the motor home through the heart of Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia.  Next week we drive to Boston. Later this month, New York.  I believe my mind is telling me something.  I believe this is a sign of approval that we are driving along the right road and that our journey is moving in the right direction.  If I told my dream to Daniel, old testament Jew, I believe he would say the same thing too.


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