Monthly Report for Sept. (Josh)

Another month gone by?!  Though we traveled 1500 miles less this month than we did last month, we saw just as many states plus three Canadian Provinces.  This, I can only assume, is due to the larger sized states on the west side of the country.  We visited many fewer national parks this month.  I suppose the larger and more attractive national parks are also on the western side of the country??  We are considering investing stock in Walmart as we spent nearly 1/3 of our sleeping nights in their parking lots.  Many Walmart locations we saw were flooded with both RV’s and commercial truckers spending the night too.  We cut our spending by almost 25% compared to last month.  This was largely due to less money spent on gas, though we did reduce our spending in most every category of spending.  I was able to ride my bike 75% more this month than last.  Not only are we touring the country by RV, but I have the unbelievable privilege of touring our beautiful country (and now Canada) by bicycle.  Last month I rode along side the Great Lakes, through the White Mountains, sea to summit in Acadia, on the trans-Canadian trail in Moncton, along the most breath taking coastal views on Prince Edward Island, and around the Halifax Citadel in Nova Scotia.  My only response to this is to pause…. to count my many blessings.

Monthly Report for Sept 2018
General Summary:
States Visited: 8
(Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York,
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine)
Canadian Provinces Visited: 3
(New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia)
National Parks Visited: 3
(Niagara Falls, Acadia, Prince Edward Island NP)
Distance and Gasoline:
Miles traveled: 2,575 Miles
Gallons of gas used: 398 Gallons
Cost of gasoline: $1,255
Average cost per gallon: $3.13
Average miles per gallon: 6.5 MPG
Where we slept: # of nights:
National parks: 2
With friends or family: 7
Camp grounds (non-national parks): 12
Rest stops along the highway: 0
Walmart parking lots: 9
Food: $1,220
Gas: $1,255
Camping: $216
Eating out: $117
Attractions: $146
Laundry: $14
Propoane: $66
Parts: $280
Tolls $106
Non-Catogorized: $538
Total Monthly Expenses: $3,957
Work outs (Josh) # of Miles:
Biking: 240
Jogging: 2.3

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