October-November Itinerary

Another month has gone by and we still have not realized that we are crazy to be on this trip.  We are getting more comfortable with the smaller living accommodations and are beginning to feel a “new normal” to the rhythm of life.   I (Josh) am also beginning to feel more comfortable without having everyday of this trip planned out in detail.  You will notice that in the coming month we have an outline of where we will be going, but in some states we do not even know the cities we will be staying in yet.  Nomadic living does not come naturally to me, but I can be taught.

Oct. Location # Nights City
1-3 West Quoddy Head 2 Lubec, ME
3-4 EconoLodge (Mel) 1 Portland, ME
3-7 Moody Beach (TT) 4 Wells, ME
7-8 Walmart (Portland, ME) 1 Scarborough, ME
8-9 Rochester, NH 1 Rochester, NH
9-10 Boston, MA 1 Boston, MA
10-14 Cape Cod RV Park (TT) 4 Rochester, MA
14-17 Boston, MA 3 Boston, MA
17-19 Providence, RI 2 Providence, RI
19-22 Connecticut 3 ?
22-29 New York City, NY 7 New York City, NY
29-31 New Jersey 2 Port Republic, NJ
1-4 Philadelphia, PA 3 Philadelphia, PA
4-6 Delaware 2 ?
6-13 Wash DC.  & Pennsylvania 7 ?

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