Happy Birthday, Asher- 8

February 18th- We celebrated Asher’s 8th birthday all day long.  For those of you who know him, you will not be surprised that our celebrating was as creative and silly as he is.  The first priority on Asher’s birthday was a scavenger hunt to find the missing “Legend of Zelda” triforce pieces scattered around our RV.  This adventure was complete with detailed treasure map and cardboard treasure chest.

Of course this lead to the inevitable costume change into Asher’s favorite adventure hero- Link.  Once appropriately dressed he opened his other birthday cards and gifts including a crown from Eva, dubbing him “King for the Day.”

Photo Feb 18, 10 58 09 AM

Next priority- A breakfast fit for a king.  By request: Natural sausage and cheesy eggs with a candle on top.

The middle of the day was filled with all kind of activities all by request of Asher.  These included playing an online game called “Block Bros.,” (which has now become the favorite screen time game of the Miller kids); visiting a grocery store to pick up birthday snacks and treats; shopping at Target to spend Asher’s newly acquired birthday monies;  and finally, building and playing with the new Lego set Asher purchased at Target.

Photo Feb 18, 3 31 25 PM

The day was full of fun and laughter and though the sun was beginning to set, the adventure had only begun.  The grand finale came at dinner time when we went to Olive Garden (a family favorite) and the staff sang an upbeat version of “Happy Birthday” including a chocolate birthday massage and free desert.

Photo Feb 18, 7 30 45 PM

Asher finished off the sweets completely, knowing full well that our next stop was our family’s favorite ice cream stop- Menchies.  There we filled our bellies to our heart’s content with frozen yogurt, syrup, gummy worms and candy bliss.  Our celebrating was complete.  Happy Birthday, Asher.  You are becoming such a big boy.


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