Belton, Texas

You might be wondering why we chose Belton, TX as our first stop in Texas, especially if you consider its location (in the center of the state) in proximity to all the other places we want to visit.  Naturally it would make more sense to visit San Antonio and Austin first, before heading further up North into Texas on our way to Missouri.  Let me explain.

Back in December we visited a bookstore in Florida to stock up on materials for our road schooling adventure.  Among them was a book & magazine about homesteading that our family become drawn to.  In the magazine was an ad for a homesteading EXPO in Belton, TX on Feb 16th & 17th. (hopefully this link is still active) We were very interested to go and since the dates seemed like they would line up with our schedule, we made it a date to be there.  Because we ended up staying in Florida for so long (2 months) we had to drive straight from New Orleans to Belton, bypassing San Antonio and Austin, in order to make it to the EXPO on time.  As you will read about below, it was well worth it.

The homesteading EXPO was a two day event with break out sessions every hour from 9 – 5.  With 8 different stages, all with varying focuses, there wasn’t enough time in the day to see everything the EXPO had to offer.  Among the sessions we visited we saw: Planning a Homestead, Building (and playing with for the children) with clay and straw,

creating a homemade composting toilet, making homemade bread (with demonstration & free samples) and making homemade mozzarella cheese (with demonstration).  Also we saw many farm animals and vendors.

A group of people there called the Heritage Homestead, had many hands on crafts at the EXPO.  All four of our children created something homemade at their stations including; Caleb- a wooden spatula,

Photo Feb 16, 4 09 47 PM

Lydia & Asher- cloth woven bracelets,

Photo Feb 16, 2 41 24 PM

and Eva- a thread woven coaster on a hand machine loom.

Photo Feb 16, 3 08 51 PM

Not only did we have a blast at the EXPO but we were especially impressed with what the Heritage Homestead had to offer.  We discovered that they had a Homesteading craft village and cafe that we could visit about an hour north of Belton.  Because of how much we enjoyed our time with them, and we decided that we would visit them after the EXPO was over.

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