Bionic Woman

Though it has only been 3 days since my last blog post, I feel like this post is much overdue, for all you caring family and friends, considering our current situation.  Today, Mel went to a medical facility for the fifth time in 12 days.  Thankfully her visit today was a scheduled appointment with no surprises.  I think I will chronologically summarize what has been written about in a last few blog posts, then bring you all an update to where we are today including the reason for the title of this post.

5:00 am – Monday, March 4th: First unexpected trip to the emergency hospital near Dallas, TX (See blog post on March 8th).

3:00 pm- Friday, March 8th: Scheduled appointment with a cardiologist (as recommended after our hospital visit) in Belton, MO, just minutes away from Mel’s brother’s house.  The doctor could find nothing wrong with Mel’s heart and recommended she get an echocardiogram (ultrasound of her heart).

5:00 am – Sunday, March 10th:  Second unexpected trip to the emergency hospital in Belton, MO (See blog post on March 10th).

4:00 pm – Tuesday, March 12th: Mel discusses over the phone with her primary care doctor in Seattle.  According to lab results in the hospital her potassium levels were low.  Her doctor recommended her take some health supplements (potassium and cal-mag), but assures her she has seen this sort of condition in many of her patients and she’s confident she will be fine.

2:45 pm – Thursday, March 14th: Scheduled appointment to have echocardiogram (ultrasound of her heart) completed.

1:45 pm – Friday, March 15th: Scheduled appointment with cardiologist in Belton, MO to discuss the results of the echocardiogram and discuss future steps.

I would like to interject here to speak to our emotional countenance over the last few days.  Though one could easily believe that the above mentioned account might bring a flood of tension, stress and anxiety, I am pleased to report that both Mel and I have been at peace and have not felt any of the above mentioned emotions (at least not in any noteworthy degrees) in the last few days.  Even though there is some slight frustration in not having a clear diagnostic as to what is actually causing Mel’s heart abnormalities, we have not been discouraged.  If anything, we have felt loved, supported, cared for and prayed over.  All of you, family and friends, have reached out to us and communicated your concern for Mel and our family.  For this we are deeply grateful.

Today, at Mel’s cardiologist appointment, the medical professionals helping her told her that all the results that came back from her echocardiogram (performed yesterday) showed that her heart was healthy in every way and that no abnormalities had been detected.  Not much more light was shed on the question of “Why” her heart had, twice now, woken her from a dead sleep and, in a rapidly accelerated manner, sending her to the hospital.  Though we had hoped for a more specific diagnostic, we were pleased that no damage was detected in her heart scan.

The doctor’s next recommendation came as no surprise to us as it had been mentioned as a possibility at her last appointment.  My wife is to become a Bionic Woman.  Unlike superhuman bionic powers (that I had hoped for) one might see in a sci-fi movie, she was only to receive a heart tracer, hooked to a special cell phone that would allow doctors to monitor her heart for the next 30 days.  I apologize for a very anticlimactic ending considering all the build up to this point.  I suppose that is what we wanted, though, in actuality.  A story with positive ending without any drama.  Though Mel now has to keep a heart monitor on her for the next 30 days, this will not inhibit any of the future plans we have for the rest of our trip.  Because her heart recorder has real time tracing, the doctors can monitor her heart while we are traveling anywhere in the county.  And once the 30 days is up, we simply put the device back in the box and ship it back in a pre-paid postage envelop.


So, with all this said, we are doing very well.  Mel has a healthy, properly working heart.  We are able to resume our trip according to plan without any delays.  We have peace of mind and know that her heart will be monitored 24 hrs a day for the next 30 days.  Mel and I feel closer to each other and all of you, our real time emotional support system.  Though I wish no one would ever have to take a loved one to the hospital unexpectedly early in the morning, I am convinced that these events have served to bring us closer to our family and friends and have increased the gratitude in our hearts for our life and for those we love.  We believe that God is good and is providing for us in so many ways through this. We feel God’s love and peace. Thanks you all for everything you have done for us during this struggle.

One thought on “Bionic Woman”

  1. Josh and Mel, We are praying for you every night! I know you understand the peace you feel is from the Lord, and as Loren said God is in control. I have to say Josh, reading your entry the other day nearly broke my heart! You are such a good man, and clearly on the right path. There has been only one perfect being that has walked this earth and He does not expect perfection from us yet. Our lives here are a journey towards that. Just your recognition of areas you need to work on says volumes of who you are and what you priorities are. Our Savior Jesus Christ knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane for you and everyone else for those weaknesses that so easily besets us all. Even He the greatest of all was tempted, just as we are. How He responded is His lesson and teaching for us to strive to become like Him. The judgement falls on how we respond with the knowledge we have, not that we are tempted. When we recognize that our response is less than we would want and what He has taught, that is when we come to ask for and understand the true meaning of repentance and the single most transcend act ever perform for mankind, the gift of the atonement!
    You are a good man with a pure heart, not perfect, but pure. As pure and sweet as that of your dear wife! I thought of her when I was reading a quote by Mother Teresa. Melodee is like unto her! Her heart and love for others is Christ like! An example to us all. As you are in reading you heart wrenching and very candid feelings. Be of good cheer! Your prayers and situation are know by Heavenly Father who knows you by name, who loves you beyond comprehension and wants the best for you and your family.
    Thank you for being you!!


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