Let the Good Times Role

It’s about time for a feel-good blog post.  To be completely honest we have been having a blast hanging out with Mel’s brother, Matt, and family and little of our time or attention has been focused on Mel’s current health concerns.  One of the reasons we chose to come up to Missouri during this time (trust me it was NOT because of the sunny warm weather) was due to spring break school schedules, which will allow us to spend more quality time with the family while we are here.

One of the major goals of going on this motor home adventure around the country was to embrace quality family time in it’s purest form.  It is evident that this goal has been embraced without reservation during this week.

From kids spending time with cousins,


Photo Mar 16, 1 53 00 PM

To family game nights (thank you Thompson’s for our new National Parks game).

Photo Mar 15, 11 29 54 AM

From playing with the family dog,

Photo Mar 09, 1 54 56 PM

To a nephew testing his wrestling skills against his uncle’s,

we have fully strengthened our bonds with family.

A few note-worthy outings we have taken so far are as follows.  In Kansas City we took the kids to a free kids art workshop called Kaleidoscope.  They had an hour free for all of arts, crafts, black lights, puzzles, markers and paint to create whatever their hearts could imagine.

Another note worth outing to mention was when Mel and I were given the valuable gift of a date night together.  We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant and visited an ice cream shop called Freezing Moo.


Now Freezing Moo requires some additional commentary.  Mel and I love to visit quality or unique ice cream locations and this experience fit the bill.  First, you choose your ice cream flavor including sweet treats that they crush on a large frozen pan called an “ice grill.”  Then your flavors are mixed with cream and right before your eyes ice cream is created in a thin layer.

Photo Mar 15, 8 26 47 PM

Once our creating is completed they scrape the frosted treat into “ice cream rolls” and place them into a bowl, after which they add additional sweets of your choosing.

The final result makes for an exceptional date night treat.

Photo Mar 15, 8 28 38 PM

So I can easily conclude that our stay here so far has been everything we wanted it to be.  We love our family and consider it an invaluable privilege to spend such quality time with them.  Let the good times roll!

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