Mapping out the final leg

With 7 1/2 months of travel behind us and less than 3 months till we come back home, we have begun to plan out the final destinations of our trip.  We have currently traveled through 39 state and plan on making it to 5 others for a total 44 states that we have traveled to in our motor home.


To help everyone reading this understand what lies ahead, I will attempt to timeline the rest of our plans:

Kansas: Drive through & eat lunch at “Peter Pan Park.”

Oklahoma: Stay the night with friends we have made along this trip who are also full-time RVing with their kids.


-Spend some time at the Homestead Heritage.

-Visit El Paso and attempt to cross the border into Mexico.

New Mexico:  Visit the Carlsbad Caverns


-Visit family in the Phoenix area

-Visit the Grand Canyon.

-Visit four corners (actually the point that Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado & Utah meet)

Colorado: Visit family in Castle Rock


-Visit Arches National Park.

-Visit family in Ogden

Nevada: Drive trough and eat lunch in Wells.


-Visit family in Boise.

-Visit a homestead in Deary.

Washington: Go Home!

You will notice that I have not added any dates to the above timeline because we are still trying to contact family and plan dates, but hopefully this will at least serve to give you an idea of what is to come.  It is hard to believe that we are even beginning to talk about the end already.  This trip has been amazing and it now seems that it is passing by us quickly.  We are excited for what is still left to come and plan on enjoying every moment of it until the very end.  Thank you to you who have “journeyed with us” through our blog.

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