More Homestead Adventures

This blog post, being the 4th or 5th one to mention our time at the Homestead Heritage, may lead the reader to believe that of all the places we have visited in the last 8 months, this one must be our favorite.  If this thought has crossed your mind, than I will give you confident assurance that you are correct.  Of all the places we have visited in this vast and beautiful country we live in, this one place, the Heritage Homestead, has stood out to us among them all.  It is difficult to articulate all the reasons why (see former blog post), so I will attempt to communicate experience through pictures in this post.  Though I will describe little in this blog post in regards to our inner-experience, I hope that the following pictures will give the reader a visual expression of all that we have experienced in the past week at the Homestead.

What is life like on the Homestead?  Here are a few of the many pictures of what we have been doing:

Herding cattle;

Milking cows;

Working in the butcher shop;



Photo Mar 28, 4 31 18 PM

Electrical work;






Photo Apr 01, 5 20 46 PM

Eating at the Saturday farmer’s market;

Photo Mar 30, 12 41 03 PM

and, playing with baby farm animals.

With all this and more, it is easy to imagine why this place has been our favorite.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and hope these pictures fill your hearts with joy to the smallest degree in which our our hearts have been filled to overflowing.

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