ERs and Heart Monitors and Root Canals, Oh My!

After going to the ER twice, heart doctor twice, and wearing a heart monitor for 30 days, Mel wasn’t finished with her medical emergencies.  On a Friday evening, Mel’s upper left back teeth began to hurt, and by Saturday, we changed our plans to travel to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico so she could go the the dentist on Monday morning.  After a 10 am appointment with a recommended dentist in TX, Mel was sent to a dental specialist for emergency root canal surgery on two teeth.  Because of a bacterial infection, she was put on antibiotics and had to wait until Tuesday morning to have the surgery performed.  Thankfully, after the dental work was completed, Mel’s tooth pain has been alleviated and she is back to normal once again.  Our prayer is that we have completed our rounds of medical procedures required for our trip.  Though it delayed our traveling plans by 3 days and cost several thousands of dollars we are once again grateful for God’s provision.  The time delay gave us reasonable excuse to extend our stay at the Homestead Heritage from 6 days to 9 days.  We all found joy in that.  And, though, I have not blogged much about money the second half of our trip, God continues to provide for our needs financially so that we can complete the full 10 months of this trip we originally planned on.  As with any adventure, we had anticipated unknown surprises along the way, and this is just one more example of that.  Though challenging at times, I must admit that I am learning to more fully trust the faithful provision and direction of God, as we live this life of adventure he has put us on.

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