When Children Become Angels

From time to time, our children exhibit uncommon displays of divine behavior.  When ever such a rare and treasured event occurs, it becomes a noteworthy spectacle, worthy of a blog post.  Such an experience happened to us one evening at a campground we were staying at a few weeks ago while traveling from Kansas City to Waco.  What seemed like any other ordinary evening, Mel and I went on a walk together while our children were playing at a playground near our RV.  As it was approaching dinner time, we asked our children to be ready to come in and help with dinner when we got back from our walk.  We had planned on making tacos and everyone in our family is required to contribute in its preparation.  Without our knowing, the kids conspired together and left the playground early.  When we came back to the RV we noticed that the kids were not playing at the playground and that the door to our RV was locked.  Knocking on the door, the children exclaimed from the other side that we were not allowed in at this time.  They had a surprise for us and we had to sit outside in the “waiting room” (a picnic table).  So Mel and I enjoy another 20 minutes to ourselves, when suddenly the RV door flew open, and we were graciously invited into the private kitchen of the “Master Chefs” who had prepared a private table for two just for us.  We sat down at a tastefully decorated table and, with (absurdly) french accents, the master chefs asked if we would like a glass of water (in a plastic wine glass).

Photo Mar 24, 7 24 48 PM

After the formalities one would expect from a fine dinning experience, the chefs presented dinner to us, which they had prepared, without our assistance.  Though the menu option came as no surprise (tacos), I must admit that we experienced a universal law that I will describe as “food prepared by someone else in a display of loving kindness always tastes better than food prepared for by oneself.”  Our hearts were filled with gladness and joy and I came to believe, if only for a moment, that we may be making progress in our struggle to be good parents.

Photo Mar 24, 7 26 00 PM

And what meal, from such a fine dining establishment, would be complete without a gourmet specialty desert such as the one we had?  Tortilla chips covered with clementine oranges and dried dates (creativity at it’s best when our cupboards are bare of cookies and candy, except for a couple little Twix bars).

Photo Mar 24, 8 11 03 PM

A unique experience that can never be planned or expected, only treasured and cherished when it occurs.

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