A Trip Around the World

The circumference of the earth in 24,901 miles.  As of this writing we have traveled 22,949 miles.  At a minimum we need to travel 827 miles in order to get back home on the route we are planning on taking.  That means we will have traveled at least 23,776 miles by the end of this trip, or, put another way, we will have traveled just 1,125 miles short of the entire distance around the world.  Wow, what a trip!  As mentioned briefly in the previous blog post, we traveled to the last unique state on this trip, which was Nevada.  It was a proud moment for us all when we stuck the 44th state on the map on the back our our motor home.

Photo May 20, 3 03 12 PM With 44 U.S. states, 4 Canadian provinces, and one Mexican state, our trip of a lifetime is beginning to come to a completion.  So much gratitude and satisfaction consumes us as we look back in awe of the near completion this marathon of an adventure.  What was once just a conversation matured into a thought, then a dream, then a hope, then a reality.  That reality was conceived into a family experience, which now we feel we have done everything we first set out to achieve.  It is almost difficult to believe that we have done it all.  But the truth can’t be denied.  Maybe some day we will drive to the five states we skipped (and fly to the one that we can’t drive to).  But that adventure will need to be reserved for another time.  Until then, we will be more than content with what we have already achieved.

Photo May 20, 3 08 36 PM

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