Attempting to Catch Up

Due to lack of internet and time spent traveling, exploring and adventuring, we have gotten far behind on our blog writing.  Our last blog post setting was in Zion, South Utah yet I sit here in Montana trying to figure out how to write (and remember) all that has happened between now and then.  Because I hate to be behind, and because I want to be able to write more in the moment, I will attempt to use this blog post as a way of “catching up.”  Though I will do no justice to the things we have seen and the family we have visited, I feel it necessary to do so at this time.  I will give a quick summary of how we got from Utah to Montana, and then include some select photos from each location with some quick commentary.  I apologize for the lack of depth, but internet has been a major challenge to get in the national parks and I feel the next month of blogging is too valuable to miss simply because we are “behind” on the blog post.  So, here we go.

From Zion NP we drove to Four Corners (the intersection of Arizona, Utah, Colorado & New Mexico.)  From Four Corners north to Arches NP.  From Arches, back west to Bryce Canyon NP.  From Bryce north to Ogden, UT where we spent 3 nights with my cousin, Yvette’s, family including seeing my Auntie Yvonne , from Hawaii, who was visiting as the same time as we were.  From Ogden to Boise, ID where we had dinner with Mel’s Uncle Ken & Aunt Shirley.  From Boise south to Jackpot, NV (last unique state to visit on the trip).  And from Nevada to Big Timber, Montana- bringing us up to date with where we are today.


All four kids in all four corners of four states at the same time.

Photo May 09, 2 40 12 PMPhoto May 09, 2 30 23 PM


Photo May 11, 5 31 53 PM

Maybe one of the most photogenic places we have been on our trip, Aches was a giant play ground for hiking, climbing and exploring.  This park was one our family’s favorites and was rated as #1 by Asher.

Photo May 12, 5 46 23 PM

Photo May 12, 5 50 28 PM

A place we truly could have played and explored much more fully, these pictures only convey a glimpse of the joy we experienced.

Photo May 11, 8 19 40 PM


Photo May 14, 2 56 27 PM

A much more unique park than we first realized, Bryce NP introduced us to a new geological structure called a Hoodoo.  These Hoodoos are tall slender spires created from the continual freezing and defrosting of water in the rocks day after day.


Photo May 15, 6 37 20 AM


Photo May 19, 10 41 31 AM

We chose the right weekend to visit my cousin, Yvette, and her husband, Shawn.  As soon to be empty-nesters, their oldest son, Keola, happened to be in town from college and we got see their youngest son, Keanu, finish his last day of high school.  What’s more, my Auntie Yvonne was visiting from Hawaii, so it was a spontaneous mini-family reunion. We even had a chance to celebrate Lydia’s birthday a few days early.

Photo May 19, 10 52 22 AM


Photo May 19, 7 56 02 PM

We traveled from one family to the next as we visited Mel’s Uncle Ken and Aunt Shirley in Boise, ID.  It was a quick dinner with their daughter, Wendy, and son-in-law, Jason, at the pizza place where their grandson, Micheal, works at.  Short but sweet.

Photo May 19, 8 32 48 PM


Photo May 20, 3 06 15 PM (1)

For the sole reason that we wanted to stick one last sticker on our map of the United States, we visited Jackpot, Nevada.  I will actually talk more about this in my next blog post.

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