Short and Sweet

Last year I signed up to attend a wilderness survival class in Missouri.  Due to the health concerns Mel had a year ago with her heart, I was not able to go.  The class is an 8 hour drive from Waco, so I will be attending this year starting tomorrow.  I am very excited. I am spending the entire day today preparing for my trip, which means this blog post will be short, and I will not be blogging next week.

This last week at the Homestead we have been busy with several things.  First, we had dinner at a family’s house that have a small petting zoo and the kids got to feed the 4-day old baby goats.

I have been continuing to work at the woodworking shop making custom cedar doors.

The most exciting thing that happened is that we had friends visit us at the Homestead.  Last year in our travels we met a family, the Haugens, in Florida at an RV park.  We became fast friends with them then and saw them several times on our last RV adventure, including visiting them at their home in Oklahoma last March.  We have stayed in contact with them and have spent the last 3 days with them here in Waco.

So, like I said, short and sweet.  I’ll connect back with you all in a week.  We love you all.

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