Puppies, Tomatoes, and Camp Fires- “The Little Things”

I’ve heard it said that “It’s the little things that make all the difference.”  After the last few weeks of “big” things happening such as Mel’s 40th birthday, the funeral of our beloved pet chicken, and being marooned in the city of Waco due to the shelter in place order, it seemed to me that there was nothing important to talk about today.  That is, except for the little things.  Little things like our neighbor’s puppies, who are small enough to squeeze through the fence and parade through our yard unannounced, playing and tackling each other along the way.  The kids have been spending most everyday playing with these white furry intruders.

Like waking up each morning to admire God’s miracle of life in our garden.  With the warm rays of sun radiating on my back, I love strolling passed the rows of fruiting tomato plants.  Day after day, I examine each plant individually to see the growth which, like magic, has happened while I was asleep.  I have never known before the joy that a tomato plant can bring.

Photo May 03, 9 56 23 AM

Perhaps the most enchanting of little things is to step out of our house each evening at the first sign of the setting of the sun to watch the fire flies dance together in a twinkling show of dazzling lights.  With a gentle breeze, the cooling air refreshes our spirits after a hot Texas day.  After the sun fully sets and the fireflies find an evening place of shelter, the conditions are perfect to enjoy a family evening next to an outdoor fire.  Our bright smiles reflect the alluring flicker of flames as we laugh and savor the moment before us.

In fact, as I consider these, I realize the little things are all around us.  Small things, like Mel and the kids doing home school outside on a sunny day.

Photo Apr 27, 11 11 50 AM

Eating take-out Olive Garden outdoors with Mel’s birthday gift card.

Photo Apr 25, 7 21 38 PM

Sleeping in a tent that Caleb and I built in the trees.

Caleb building a shoe rack out of scrap wood.

Mel hanging clothes out to dry in the sun.

Photo May 01, 3 31 49 PM

All these many little things become one big thing.  One big life of adventure and wonder which always keeps us guessing what will be the next little thing we’ll be privileged to enjoy today.

One thought on “Puppies, Tomatoes, and Camp Fires- “The Little Things””

  1. I love these glimpses into your lives! Can’t imagine more ideal place for you in this time. Love to everyone!!!


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