Breathing in the Fresh Air

At the start of this month, our friends, the Haugens, whom we have mentioned several times in previous posts, visited our 2-acre farm and stayed with us for four nights.  Our land was more than large enough to accommodate their fifth-wheel RV and give us plenty of space to “practice our social distancing”.  After over a month of sheltering in place and living like isolated hermits, it was a breath of fresh air to enjoy the company of real live people face to face.

As you can see from the pictures above, all our meals together were eaten outside.  We had sunny, 90 degree weather without a day of rain.  It was especially refreshing to watch our children play together with our friends’ children, a lost past time in these last days.

Nothing earth shattering, just people socializing with people, like we used to back in the good-old days.  A familiar feeling of times that now seem distant in the past.  Camp fires, board games, and sidewalk chalk art.

Those four days swept by us like a gust of wind.  A pleasant reminder of the past life previously filled with endless social interaction that I took for granted.  I treasure the opportunity to breath in the fresh air once again.  To remember the feeling of being alive.


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