Celebrating Mothers

I can reflect back on every Mother’s Day over past years as a day of celebration and honor for my mother and, more recently, for the mother of my own children- my wife.  There is a special quality of observing a tradition year after year.  Tradition helps us to feel a sense of normalcy, predictability, and security.  In fact, I believe we all long to be connected to something everlasting and unchanging.  Tradition helps us feel that connection.  I realize that our modern culture often resists things labeled “traditional” yet, it seems to me, in these past months where change has become rapidly unpredictable, tradition could serve to reconnect us to peace.  Anyways, our Mother’s Day celebration here on the Texas farm was filled with peace, fun and joy and I am grateful that nothing can take away the enduring love we have for our mothers.

Mel’s first order of business on Mother’s day was to relax in the morning sun, reading and working on her sun tan.

Photo May 10, 1 00 07 PM

It was a casual carefree day of sunshine and smiles.  As the day progressed, the kids and I busied ourselves in the kitchen, preparing the evening meal for the woman-of-honor.

By request of her excellence, Mel asked for a good-old hamburger and Greek lemon-potatoes.  The meal was accompanied by a Greek style salad and a refreshing iced sparkling fresh lime and mint beverage.  And for dessert we had Greek style baklava (left-overs from Mel’s 40th Birthday Party that we saved in the freezer).  A meal fit for a queen.

The banquet table was set outside on the front poach and our admired lady was brought to the feast.  One smile says it all.  The meal was worthy of royalty.

Photo May 10, 7 33 24 PM

And, through the advantage of technology, we video-conferenced both our mothers back home in Seattle.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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